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Ontological security

The Power of Deterrence. Emotions, Identity and American and Israeli Wars of Resolve (2016, Cambridge University Press).

Ontological Security, Cyber Technology and States’ Responses, European Journal of International Relations (forthcoming)

Ontological Dissonance, Clashing Identities, and Israel’s Unilateral Steps towards the Palestinians. Review of International Studies 38(4): 809-833 (2012).

Ontological Security and the Continuation of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. In Resolving International Conflicts. Dynamics of Escalation, Continuation and Transformation, edited by Isabel Bramsen, Poul Poder, and Ole Wæver, 215-228. London: Routledge (2019).

Ontological Security and the Israeli–Palestinian Peace Process: Between Unstable Conflict and Conflict in Resolution. In Bahar Rumelili (ed.) Conflict Resolution and Ontological Security: Peace Anxieties, 31-51. London: Routledge (2015).

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