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Methods/ Pedagogy 

Uncertainty and the Study of Cyber Deterrence: The Case of Israel’s Limited Reliance on Cyber Deterrence. In Cyber Security: Socio-Technological Uncertainty and Political Fragmentation, edited by Myriam Dunn Cavelty and Andreas Wenger, 128–140. London: Routledge (2022)

The Spiraling Effect. Emotional Representation and International Interactions. In Methodology and Emotion in International Relations: Parsing the Passions, edited by Eric Van Rythoven and Mira Sucharov, 97-112. London: Routledge (2019).

Me and the Other in IR: An Alternative Pluralist International Relations 101. International Studies Perspectives 14(3): 235-254 (2013).

Constructivist Methods: A Plea and Manifesto for Pluralism. Review of International Studies 35(1): 195-218 (2009).


Constitution Making and International Relations Theories. International Studies Perspectives 20(4): 412-434 (2019) (with Hanna Lerner).

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