About Me

I am a senior lecturer (associate professor) in the School of Political Science, Government and International Affairs and a research fellow in the Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center. My research interests include IR Theory, Security Studies, and Constructivism, and specifically ontological security and securitization. Among other things I focus on the practices of deterrence and on different aspects of cyber security.

His book The Power of Deterrence. Emotions, Identity and American and Israeli Wars of Resolve (2016 Cambridge University Press) applies the concept of Ontological Security to explore the practices of deterrence.

His recent publications include:

The Dog that didn't Bark, the Dog that Did Bark, and the Dog that Should have Barked: A Methodology for Cyber Deterrence ResearchInternational Studies Review 23(4): 1672-1698 (2021).


The Dual-Use Security Dilemma and the Social Construction of InsecurityContemporary Security Policy 42(3): 257-285 (2021).

Toward Securitization Theory of DeterrenceInternational Studies Quarterly 63(1): 177-186 (2019).

Constitution Making and International Relations TheoriesInternational Studies Perspectives 20(4): 412-434 (2019) (with Hanna Lerner).

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Dr. Amir Lupovici